Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Spoken Word

Not sure if anyone knows but at one point in time i use to write and perform spoken word...This video is not of me though...It's of one of my brothers....its it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Question of the Year! 2008 and beyond really!

Well it's the beginning of the year and from this point on I will attempt to frequent this site enough that it leaves a true trail of where my heart and mind are during any particular moment in time.

Here is my question:

Now I could attempt to try to be deep and say every second of everyday I ask myself this question, but if I allow honesty to prevail, I tend to only ask myself this question when I get a little down or misplaced in my thoughts, which for some reason has been at least once a day but ok, ok I’m sorry here is the question: Is the road to greatness; hardship and strife, struggles and pain, hard work and discipline, or is all of that stuff just stuff and life issues those delightful treats to all its ravenous customers that approach this Super Wal-mart we call life? Greatness, failure and what lies between get divvied out all the same, each person has their opportunity to walk down aisle four and grab a few boxes of success. Life much like Wal-mart doesn’t have coupons and just as rarely has a buy one get one free anything, so if you need it, you better have the yenom (money backwards) to buy it.

Side bar: I choose to say yenom every now and again because money sometimes sounds so nasty when you say it and don’t have it.

Every Victor of success that means something to me seems to have this rags to riches story that encourages most not to give up on their dreams simply because their circumstances don’t seem favorable, but I can’t possibly believe that every person with crappy conditions becomes a Thurgood or a Martin, some folks just have to be a Pookie or a RayRay and I worry that maybe I’m a Pookie or a RayRay and not a Cornell or a Fredrick. I mean I’m sure Pookie had friends that believed in him, that encouraged him, and made him believe his dreams wouldn’t fall short of reality. He most likely had a girlfriend that said she’d never give up on him or let me him down either. I know for sure RayRay’s homeboy’s didn’t slip looking out for him every once in a whiled because they knew when that boy made it, everybody was straight, but what if they amount to nothing. Well ok, maybe not ‘nothing’ but less than what their dreams said they’d be, have they failed? Was their life not as hard as it needed to be for their story to be significant enough to know? I hear it from so many, that their struggle was worth it but I wonder how many ambitious, determined individuals that chase after their dreams end up standing outside of that store that you frequent requesting change from a person that chose to accept life just the way it came, without imbuing any of their own aspirations in it anywhere? Is that the life I should have chose, the one where I’m unhappy but I can pay the bills, take care of myself, and God Willing wake up the next morning and drag myself through it once again?

Don't Be A Pawn, Be The One They Remember Putting People In Checkmate! Life is like chess think it out before you move!