Monday, December 29, 2008


KIDS AND CHRISTMAS: Can they be separated?

Right around Christmas time I get a large request for children pictures. Of course they’re used for various reasons, whether it be personal holiday mementos, gifts or even holiday cards. Whatever the case, each parent, each child, each interaction is always genuine. I guess that tends to be the case because most parents are very protective of there children, and having someone come in and attempt to capture something very honest and personal out of there often unpredictable toddler is always a task. Not a bad one at all but a task nonetheless….

Of course I can’t show you all the images but here are a few that make me smile, and hopefully they’ll do the same for you

This young man was very charming...

I can't remember exactly how his mother described him, but she said something to the effect of him being very serious, and he came across that way...

He didn't cry, didn't complain, just sat there for a whiled, which was understandable considering he didn't know who i was or what i was there for, but after a whiled of shooting, his true personality spilled out, and it was a great shoot!!

What the heck am i out here for?!?

Mental note: Should have started with the toy!


Baby: So you mean you want me to do this?

I was at my grandmothers house, and this young lady stepped through the door attached to her aunts leg as if she'd never let i went out and setup my equipment, just for the heck of it, the young lady didn't seem as though she planned on having any conversations, or interactions with anyone in the house...but much like the other gentleman above, it took a little easing into, but she warmed up as well, and we had fun!

Lets get this over with please!! :) Never ever ever seen this look in a child!!

Her favorite Christmas present! Can you tell?

Ambulance driving by made her mad!

We are now friends!

This is my nephew, He's 13yrs old 5' 10" wears a size 13 shoe


side not: An Amazing singer and friend, Kendria Bailey

This is a video of my homie that i shot about a month back now, check her out, she's singing 'what she does best'...and this is the first snippet of stay tuned

ipod version


Where oh where do I begin….

I want to try to clear out my basket of stuff I’ve been up to before the new year so I’ll begin with this…


I’ve stated this so many times before, but I love to take photographs. One of my mentors by the name of Derek Blanks hit me up not to long ago and let me know that he’d be going out to a church and photographing a Christmas event put together to supply presents and toys to teenage mothers, and he asked if I’d like to tag along, partially to assist him, as well as to do some ‘behind the scenes’/ documentary photographs for myself. Now I must admit, I love photo-journalism, I even take my mediocre stabs at it when the chance arises but I know its not my strong suit. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed myself, Derek is a great friend and I appreciated tagging along with him on this occasion, and meeting a group of people all coming together just to show these teenage mothers, even if just for a moment that they don’t have to go it alone.


Monday, December 22, 2008


Took pictures in a friends/brothers classroom of some of his students

\/ his name is Bob...he's the teacher...

and here are some of his kids


I taught my first class a few weeks ago. It was a digital photography class. One of the biggest problems with a digital photography class is having enough equipment for all the students to participate. So, I remembered this concept I learned a ways back that helped me construct a lesson for the students without having an abundance of equipment. It’s titled “Ways of Seeing”. How it works is, you go out into your neighborhood, around your home, anywhere that you have access to, and find the letters of the alphabet in the environment. Now you can’t use any real letters, so if there is a word spelled out on something, you can’t use those letters. You have to open your eyes and alter the way you see, and use your imagination to find the letters. As you do it, you realize, no matter the age group, everyone finds them self on a level playing field. No one person feels as though they’ve got the upper hand, or the inside scoop. Everyone walks around with there eyes open more intensely hoping to spot the letters, and then having to explain what they see to others.

It allows the students in the class, as well as, anyone who participates, to learn how to communicate there vision, and learn how to see someones vision. So here are a few of the images, check them out!!!

You should finish it!!!

'Q's are the hardest

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

RANDOM QUOTE- I'd like to know what you think...

"I would rather spend my life close to the birds than waist my time wishing i had wings"-unknown

What do you think of this quote? Do you agree? why or why not?

Monday, December 15, 2008

What type of photographer are you?

People often ask if i take regular head shots.


Or if i do weddings


Or do i take couples, or family portraits



What about large groups


How about kids :)

Kinda? just kidding yes

i even make up silly stuff i can't do anything with except laugh

I guess what I'm saying is even though my site is very specific in the types of photography I show, i love taking pictures of any and everything, for a bunch of reason or no reason. I do it for free, i do it to pay a bill or two, i do it as a job, i do it to get away from work, its my 360 degree love...

So when you are wondering if i take those types of photographs
The answer is yes!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Self Portrait!!!!


Where i began!!!

I've got a series of environmental portraits that I'm doing with a working title called 'Normal' that started off completely different.

I started taking pictures of old African Americans on there porches, outside of there homes, as well as the actual neighborhoods they lived in just to examine something....

but i never really figured out what that something was...just found myself really pointing the finger at a class of people that 'looked' poor, and that's not what i wanted

I wanted a new set of imagery, but i just found myself taking new pictures of old imagery if that makes sense.....

Tell me what you think, should i continue taking these types of pictures?why?

here are a few:

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Upscale Magazine Spread Nov 08 Star Gazing

Really great opportunity, and i really enjoyed working with them.