Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So much inspires me, when i think about photography
Whats even more interesting to me is... a lot of the work i love, i'll never actually try to photograph myself.

I think its amazing that i love so many different forms of photography, but don't want those to be my own style....the difficult part is when i work with people that say they enjoy my work, but then request that i shoot in a style that looks nothing like my work (smh) guess its just one of those things

anyway....I want to show you some photos that i just saw that just make me smile...and inspire me to try and harder!!!!

oh yea

My favorite photographer...or at least one of my favorites is Sarah Silver her work is flawless...and soooo clean...its just everything i want my work to be.....but of course i have to shoot past her...right? RIGHT!

She's already done it, so i've got to reach an even higher level :/ i'll certainly try

I also love Kwaku Alston he has an amazing classic style to his photographs

Matthew Jordan Smith <--he's certainly one of the greats!!

Drexina Nelson <--Another amazing approach to fashion and beauty portraiture, and she's here in Atlanta ::pow::

ANYWAY.... enough talking here are some photos...not all hers...but maybe one or two of hers.

more to come on a later date....

well are a few more

now im gone

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Whats going on?

And so my blog post begins with a hey how are you?


As most of you probably know i had a lighting workshop on Feb 6th that went extremely well.

We got a chance to really just discuss different light modifiers and what to expect. Also how to manipulate one light source to create a more dynamic effect than having 2 or 3 lights.

Of course we went into a bunch of different areas beyond that, but don't take my word for it


Registration is the Last week of February

Of course for more information contact

I posted a snippet of the behind the scenes video and you can check it out by clicking on HERE
Don't judge me by more poor camera editing skills but the video was done by a good friend named Marlene, whose website is given at the end of the video, so check out her work as well.

New Project w/ HOP male Models

If you pay attention to my work, you'll notice that i don't take very many pictures of male models. I'm not biased, if that's what you were thinking, its just that when people request to see my portfolio, very rarely have they said, what about the men? No one has ever declined working with me because i didn't have enough men in my book. So I've never really pressed the issue.

I have shot a few male models, they just haven't made it to my website or my book, but if the climate changes in the industry, they're waiting in the wings :).

Till then...

On the 10Th of this month, i did some work with some male Models from HOP Models for a potential new client (details to come later after everything is official). I can't give you to many details on the project, or show the final results just yet. But I'll give you a screen shot or two.

what do you think?

Another day, Another shoot!

An old friend of mine stopped by the studio to get a few updated shots for her trip out of town to meet with some agencies......

earlier that day we had a visitor that was inspecting the studio

Click on the image, to find out who that young man belongs too!

That's it for now....

Much more to tell you about...but I figured I'd space it out a bit!

Cheers! Go take some pics!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lighting Workshop

Lighting Video Check it out, i'll talk about it more tomorrow!!!