Friday, March 19, 2010


I've got the most amazingly crazy story to tell you, but i can't tell you until the magazine comes out....just know it'll be well worth it!

I shot the cover of a magazine in LA on March 11th... full details will be coming really soon!!

Random shot

Speak to you soon!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

What im working on!?

Hello there folks!

As usual, I'm trying to keep you all up to speed on whats going on over here.

So, just the other day Kontrol Magazine and I did a shoot with an Atlanta bred Artist by the name of Diamond. Diamond enjoyed the images so much, that she wanted to use an outtake for her mixtape cover.

check it out

Its always funny to see what the graphic designers come up with, i have to rummage through my files and show you the original image i sent over!

Several months ago i did a project with a music artist that a lot of you may know, but I will choose not to use his name, because I'm very disappointed in the manner in which he conducted business...but eventually everything comes to just hold on for that one!! Anyway, I did a shoot at his facility, which was a beautiful spot, here's an image from the shoot

(shooting tip: One light source, 30 degree grid spot, on a boom arm slightly in front of me overhead)

I'm giving it another month or two, and then i'll begin using all the images!!

Of course, if you follow any of my work, you'll notice I shoot one Model by the name of Dawn Montgomery fairly often. Well the interesting thing is it started off as us both wanting to work with each other, then slowly grew into other people wanting us individually for our services(her modeling, me photographer) but we'd still end up working together. So maybe a client would hire her, and then go hire a photographer to shoot her, and look who it would be >>me<<. Well whatever the case, i don't have any problem with that, Dawn is like a sister to me at this point and its always a pleasure to work with her.

Anyway, here is an image from our most recent shoot together

(shooting tip: Octabox above my head somewhat pointed down towards her chest, with a reflector right at her bust line bouncing the light back into her face)

LONG HAIR, DON'T CARE- I think that's how the expression goes!

OK digress, So I felt bad because i haven't had any new beauty images in a while for my website, and I feel like that's what i enjoy doing the most, so i decided to put a shoot together.

I had a shoot booked with Kontrol Magazine booked for March 1st but it was all canceled! Whatever the case, i wasn't feeling really well that day either, so i ended up going to the doctor, got some great medicine, and threw shoot together and put a team together fairly last minute.

The Model came from HOP and they've yet to let me down.

On hair was ZaraHair
On make up was Chelsea
On nails was Terrance Terry <-- his website is down right now, but google him, he's amazing

and of course myself on the photos

here's one of the images

OK so from a technical standpoint the shadow side is pretty darn dark! Me personally, I'm OK with that, but i know some magazines, and certainly client representation may have liked that to be a little less dark. Its encouraged to have like a 2 to 1 ratio from lights to darks. Meaning one side is two times brighter than the shadow side, or if you use a meter reading a two stop difference from highlight to shadow side. To eliminate that situation( to lighten up the darker side) I could have positioned a fill card to the left of the frame, and just slid it back and forth until i got the desired amount of light bouncing back onto the side of her face. If you need me to draw a diagram let me know, and I'll do that and pop it up on here.

OK enough talking! Later gator!