Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much is going on

Where do i begin>>>

In the past, it was always hard to get the opportunity to work with fashion designers and stylist that had quality work, and this gentleman Reco Chapple

was one of the first ones to give me a chance.... his work is all over my site, and he's got new work still being created that i hope to shoot....

I say all of this because recently Reco was/is a contestant on 'The Fashion Show' which airs on Bravo television, so wish him luck cause he's still on it holding strong.

I will also have a brief stint on Bravo television's show The Real Houswives of Atlanta shooting the lovely Lisa Wu-Hartwell's clothing line called "Closet Freak"

Here is one of her pieces

I got the opportunity to do a little traveling

I don't know how many people are following Mario's career. He's a great singer, but i don't want to go into detail. He just recently did a video with Sean Garrett and Gucci Mane that I was fortunate enough to attend in Baltimore

Here is the video

It was shot by a famous director by the name of Chris Robinson

Whos work speaks for itself.....

aside from that I took a trip to LA with Dblanks to assist him with his ongoing Alter ego coffee table book he's putting together....

While there we had some down time and i got the opportunity to do some testing with some models out there from Next Modeling agency

check out a few

What do you think?

and no i did not spell check :( sorry, just wanted to keep you updated.