Thursday, December 31, 2009

Get it in before the New Year Begins {{Dump #1}}

Well the New Year is Rapidly approaching, in about 20 mins. So i figured i'd dump a bunch of recent and older work i've got lying around.

Just so you know, i'm going to try and blog a lot more this year, and also once a month im going to do this Dumping thing, where i just Dump work thats not going to make it on my site, but stuff I still like that i've taken, also i plan on spot lighting some other local (Atlanta) photographers whose work I think is amazing, or insightful in some shape or form, so without further ado

Monday, December 21, 2009

The Watcher!

"I always feel like...Somebodies watching me"

A few months ago, I was flown to NY to do a project with an Artist. During my time there, we went from one concept to another, hunting for something to really capture a specific emotion. In our quest to accomplish that, i found myself walking too slow. I was absorbing my surroundings and making sure I didn't miss an angle we could take. Whatever my reason, I always found myself trailing behind, and it hit me.

When you're a Leader, you're always being followed or even watched. You may not know by who, or even when or where you're being followed, but there is always someone there.

I would absolutely love some feedback!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

12/17/09 Do I Do Commerical work?

So often am i asked about this illusive 'commercial work', if i do it and if I can show some of it. I absolutely love photography! I believe in its 'powers' <--yes powers! Call me crazy if you must...whatever the case, i love every facet of it. Here's a shot of a friend of mine named Dawn Montgomery She is an amazing person/model/mom/writer/what have you!

She and I have worked together on numerous projects but most have been focused around some type of fashion work, and this was the first 'commercial' shoot we did together.

It was certainly far as the set up goes...I used one light on the subject (softbox) with a reflector(silver reflector) right above her bust line....and i had a bare bulb on the background, just to make sure that the paper was clean white, with no gradation in tone.

There was make up involved in both shots...which was done by an amazing make up artist located in Atlanta named Parra! If you'd like more information on her, let me know and i'll post it up!

The image on the left: The soap was actually dish detergent, we used hand soap and face soap but none gave us a large enough amount of bubbles to really have a good effect. Then we placed it where we wanted it on her face, then went to town!

Image on the right: Just poured water down her face!

I've done some work for some restaurant PR firms and been blessed with some amazing free food! One place i went was Kozmo Gastropub in Alpharetta, GA

I don't drink at all <--personal choice, but im told they had some amazing drinks! If you check it out, tell them Allen sent you :) Cheers!


An ongoing client i've had for about 2 years now is

Flyjane is a website that sells women's shoes, handbags, and other accessories for affordable prices but strives to retain a certain level of quality and bosts a pretty good price point also.

Whatever the of lately both flyjane( or Donna (CEO of and I have decided to do was push the envelop just slightly with the website at first. We both feel that it will be more appealing to the patrons that casually go by the website on a regular to see a slight breath of fresh air

so when they may be getting use to


or even

and no i didn't take either of these pictures....

We'd like them to begin to expect things like this

All of which have already been put in advertising rotation.

So be on the look out for what has to offer....and just like Kozmo's, tell her Allen sent you!


So the most amazing job all Year, and it came at the end of the year (kind of Nov 28th)

I had to take a flight to Chicago! I was referred for a job that involved both Preston Bailey and the most amazing Jennifer Hudson

Here is one pic from the job :)

Just know that it was amazing! She is amazing, and if you click on Preston Bailey's name, you will soon see that he is also AMAZING!!!!!




Talk to you later!
charla a usted más adelante
entretien à vous plus tard
беседа к вам более поздно

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reco Chapple

In earlier posts I’ve expressed who Reco Chapple is. Some of you may remember him from Bravo televisions “The Fashion Show”. Whatever the case may be, I’ve worked with him a million times now, and every time I do, he consistently brings me something to shoot that excites me all over again. Recently we shot a collection of his that he had on the runway about two weeks prior. Needless to say in “House of Chapple” fashion the work was beautiful and the craftsman ship was what you’d expect from a meticulous mastermind such as Mr. Chapple. Whatever the case here are a few shots from the collection.

on to the next....

Kontrol Magazine!!

So today, I begin another blog post with me apologizing for a long over due update. I then go in on how busy I’ve been, and how im going to try harder to stay on top of it. So if you would just please apply all of that now, then I can move straight into the new info.


Recently I shot the cover of a new and upcoming magazine called Kontrol Magazine.
It’s a web based magazine, and is garnering some pretty decent exposure in a relatively short period of time.

For the issue that I shot I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot
Kandi who is one of the former members of a female singing group called Xscape and also one of the current ladies featured on Bravo’s television show “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”

Here’s The Cover ::pow::

also here’s another

The shoot went really well, Kandi is an amazing person. She has an equally amazing spirit, it was a pleasure and an honor working with her. From the looks of it, I believe we’ll be working together again.

What Kontrol is known for doing, is having two covers, one generally being a fashion cover and the other being a celebrity cover. I was actually contacted initially to just do the fashion spread, and the fashion cover, but something happened with the celebrity cover photographer. That situation led me into having to fill both positions, which I was delighted to do!

Here’s one of the shots from the fashion spread

But you can always go onto the website and check it out for all the photos used in the issue

Kontrol Magazine Website

OK on to the next…